Cozy Modern Home Renovation In Grey, Brass Blush (Before After Pics)

Cozy Modern Home Renovation In Grey, Brass  Blush (Before  After Pics)

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Based in Hod HaSharon, Central Israel, this 80 square metre apartment with a 16 square metre balcony has been transformed for its new owner. Maya Sheinberger redesigned the flat for a woman in her late seventies who bought the apartment to be close to her family who had relocated to the city‏. After 3 months of planning, and then 6 months in the making, the new owner now has a cosy modern space that is both beautiful and practical with plenty of storage opportunities. A warm grey colour palette, smoked oak, brass, and blush pinks come together with soft and delicate textiles and terrazzo tile to build a refined yet contemporary aesthetic.

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The before renovation pictures show a very different layout and decor style to the one present in the apartment today…

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  • Photographer: Itay Benit
Today the apartment is bright and airy. Lounge furniture is arranged around the outskirts of the room to open up the space, rather than it feeling blocked off and restrictive.

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A chocolate brown accent chair is positioned in an L-shaped arrangement with a stylish and sensibly proportioned grey settee. Neatly sized furniture choices allow the spacious feeling to grow, whilst still providing plenty of opportunity for introducing an array of pleasing textiles. A mocha coloured Sovet ‘Slim’ modern coffee table puts brass legs on a textured rug in the centre, whilst a Sovet ‘Genius’ coffee table serves the end of the couch.

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The original solid hallway wall to the right of the lounge has been transformed into a floating TV wall. Breaking up the boundary makes the living room feel even larger, and wonderfully free-flowing with the rest of the home.

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Stone coloured fine mesh curtains diffuse the light and provide privacy around the triangular shaped lounge.

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Scatter cushions, decorative vases, coffee table books and candles add homey touches.

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The smoked oak TV cabinet also stores an AC unit tidily out of sight, which is why we see vents installed in the top and bottom of the unit–although these do not detract from its sleek design.

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Upon entering the apartment, you’re met first by a round dining table on an impressive brass base at the core of the living space. Discreet white bifold doors hide away a utility area.

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Khaki velvet Sonny PB L TS_R armchairs by Midj are used as dining chairs around a Sovet DEOD glass table. Dining room globe lights are suspended on brass stems.

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Black wire frame bookcases with brass panels form a decorative backdrop to the dining room.

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An L-shaped kitchen with a peninsula has been perfectly packed with an abundance of storage cabinets and plentiful work surfaces despite space restrictions.

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Smoky oak veneer colours the kitchen cabinets, which ties it in smoothly with the TV/AC cabinet wall in the adjacent lounge.

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Countertops and backsplashes shine in polished Bright Onyx marble by Sapienstone.

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A pearly decorative vase melds with the light reflective marble walls.

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An MGS Vela SD kitchen tap carries a cool chrome finish over a stainless steel sink.

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The bedrooms are accessed behind either end of the wood clad TV/AC storage wall, which has access in the back.

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The guest room is furnished with a brown sofa bed, and a Scandinavian modern home office desk inside. A tan Midj Suite AP L CU Lounge Armchair makes a comfortable desk chair. A Moroccan Berber rug in cream and brown gives the study area a comfy feel underfoot.

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At the other end of the corridor, The master bedroom has a peaceful stone grey and pink colour scheme.

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Pale stone coloured wardrobes fit flush along one wall of the minimalist bedroom. Smoked oak veneer nightstands flank a dark grey upholstered bed.

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Heaped textiles in grey and blush create an inviting space.

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Natural fabric Roman blinds provide privacy in the bedroom without blocking out daylight.

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A wall mirror with brass detailing and a brass picture frame balance out the doorway to an ensuite master bathroom.

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The master bathroom walls are textured with raw plaster effect tiles.

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A wall mounted oak vanity unit has a slatted facade to create extra depth in the small room.

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Slate-like porcelain makes up the countertop and a built-in sink.

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A Dornbracht Tara wall-mounted washbasin tap adds a shiny touch of chrome.

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Pampas grass brings in an extra flash of natural tone in a glass vase on the vanity.

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A walk in shower enclosure helps the small ensuite to appear more spacious and uncluttered. The second bathroom next door is used as a guest bathroom. It is decorated in the same colour scheme and materials as the master, to maintain the cohesive style of the home. The familiar flowing calm grey palette and natural elements throughout give the home a feeling of being as one whole, rather than broken into smaller pieces.

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The floor plan better shows how the bedrooms and bathrooms are accessed via the openings at either end of the newly narrowed TV wall. The plan also illustrates the situation of the 16 square metre balcony, which can be accessed via large doors on either aspect of the angular lounge space. The well proportioned balcony becomes an outdoor room, with plenty of space for al fresco dining.

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