Two Monochrome Modern Masterpieces of Interior Design

Two Monochrome Modern Masterpieces of Interior Design

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Two monochrome modern masterpieces of interior design are the subject of our admiration today. Whispers of lightest grey tint the walls of these two elegant abodes, creating airy open rooms and quiet elegance. High-end modern furniture designs shape each room with understated yet unmistakable luxury, set out thoughtfully in a reserved and minimalistic approach. 19th century Parisian architecture throws grand archways over the interior design of one interior, whereas modern gypsum wall panels inject new interest into the other. Each are impressive in their own individual style. Despite the grandeur, the homes exude a relaxed atmosphere, like a luxurious holiday villa or a penthouse hotel suite.

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  • Designer: Studio Guillaume Alan
The Kennedy residence is an apartment in an impressive Gaussian building of the early 19th century, near Trocadero Square in Paris, France. The home has enviable views of the Seine and the Eiffel Tower. Its French owners work and travel a lot, spending time amazing places around the world, so their apartment had to be amazing too. The couple wanted splendour coupled with a relaxed atmosphere that would meet the same standards as hotels and villas they stay in whilst on their travels. A new vision of minimalist living style was employed, inspired by the home’s historical architecture.

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A perfectly imperfect decorative vase and bowl set dress the coffee table, beautiful in the wabi-sabi aesthetic, and sympathetic to the age of the building. Branches and blossoms bring a natural element to the room.

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The homeowners are a couple who enjoy hosting cocktail parties, so the free space in the house also serves a practical purpose, to accommodate many guests and fun times.

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The pale grey living room, and indeed the rest of the penthouse apartment, resides beneath grand stone arches inspired by the Versailles Greenhouse.

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A lantern pendant hangs from the vaulted ceiling in a traditional style that suits the building’s maturity. A three meter long fireplace is carved in natural marble; it’s gape opens into the floor and spreads throughout the apartment.

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Light pours in from 360° views. The architecture creates light and shadows across plain walls.

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Luxurious marble borders trim the hardwood floor of the living room.

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The old grey, bronze and gold mosaic floor has been preserved in the hallway.

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A modern chaise reclines between the lounge area and the dining room.

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The kitchen is an elegant one wall installation, partnered with a breakfast table.

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The breakfast table is a scaled down version of the full-sized dining table, with the same grand dining chairs.

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A traditional style wall sconce brings gentle light to the table.

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Whitewashed cabinet fronts and white marble give the kitchen an ethereal magic.

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Dark wooden boards line a wine storage treasure trove.

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Another traditional style wall sconce lights the labels.

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The grey bedroom is a serene spot, smoothed out with white marble borders that flood into an ensuite bathroom.

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All rooms of the home are interconnected by the same materials and palette, which creates the illusion of more space. The cool palette is impeccable and harmonious, without being ostentatious.

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In the ensuite bathroom, the fourth side of the bathtub is completed by marble wall.

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The vanity unit blends with its backdrop.

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A black faucet stands out darkly against the pale stone.

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  • Photographer: Sergey Krasyuk
A more modern setting unfolds in home design number two. A modern sofa furnishes a more compact living room size, which is fashionably decorated with ribbed gypsum panels.

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Unique wall lights stretch tall like floor lamps beside the sofa.

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A Tom Ford coffee table book makes a chunky addition to the tray topped coffee tables. A comfortable lounge chair by the window offers a perfect spot in which to browse it.

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An Eames bird hops along the fridge-freezer housing unit in the kitchen.

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The black kitchen faucet chimes the same dark note as the dining room chandelier.

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Black ceramics carry the base note to the table.

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The base units of the kitchen are actually suspended off the floor, and even extend past the end of the supporting wall, which gives the installation a weightless floating effect.

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A white chimney cooker hood sets a minimalist style.

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Ribbed panels stripe texture onto pale walls.

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The Atollo lamp makes a bookend for a small library.

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Frameless and edge-to-edge, a custom cut mirror increases the sense of space inside the bedroom.

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The bathroom is tiled in one consistent colour to increase the sense of space, though the format of the tile changes from wall to floor. A wall hung toilet pan keeps the floor looking spacious too.

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The vanity shelf and a vanity storage unit has also been picked out in a floating style – a common theme in this apartment. A set of bathroom vanity lights dangle by double banked mirrors, above a single sink.

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