4 Homes That Feature Green Spaces Inside, With Courtyards Terrariums

4 Homes That Feature Green Spaces Inside, With Courtyards  Terrariums

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These four beautiful homes each feature a different take on an interior garden space. One has a border of greenery along its lounge, which includes a vertical planting wall and hanging vines; a second border flourishes behind the dining room too, so that living green decor can be enjoyed throughout the entire open plan living space. The second home has a courtyard garden in the entryway that runs into the living room, where a tree grows up to the second floor. Number three is a massive luxury home with low level planting, and our last stop is a visualisation of an apartment with a dominant terrarium room at its very core.

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  • Visualizer: Trần Vấn
Kicking off with a lush courtyard design in home number one, vines rain down from a second storey, above a border of lawn and mature plants.

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The adjacent lounge setup is stony in colour, with natural wooden accents. The lounge stands open to a dining area that runs around to the kitchen in an L-shaped layout.

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Orange dining chairs contrast warmly against another bed of greenery that grows against a textured wall.

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A tree grows directly out of the indoor plant bed, next to patio slabs where a garden chair can be placed below the boughs.

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Plants bed down in concrete planters under the tree, whilst smaller specimens grow directly from the grass. The soft sections of grey sofa upholstery echo the linear design of the patio slabs.

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Extruded planks provide a layered backdrop for the planting.

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Natural light streams down through the lightwell of the courtyard, causing highlights and shadows over the undulating panels.

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A bank of wine storage units glow from the side of the dining room, throwing light over timber flooring. Plants reach up toward natural light from an overhead window. A barrel basin fills the corner of the plant bed.

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A modern chandelier stretches out over the wooden dining table. Chrome light shades hang along a breakfast bar in the adjacent walnut kitchen.

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Beneath the unique kitchen pendant lights, the central kitchen island is wrapped with smooth white marble. Orange kitchen bar stools match the set of six orange chairs in the dining area.

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The opposite side of the kitchen island is equipped with a row of cabinets underneath. A glass fruit bowl dresses the countertop.

  • 12 |
The small dining room courtyard continues up to the side of the kitchen, which visually connects the two areas.

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  • Visualizer: Tung Le
Moving on to home interior number two, the walls have been given a jade green treatment to honor the other green jewel in the room that is a majestic courtyard garden. A unique floor lamp stands by a tan sofa that complements the natural wood tone in the room. A grey modern accent chair teamed with a small side table has been angled to observe the beauty of the indoor garden. See more modern accent chairs.

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Trellis-like pattern covers the wall behind the interior garden.

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Above a set of nesting coffee tables, a wood ceiling fan creates a cool breeze. A large fish tank occupies the space next to the tan sofa, bringing in its own splash of greenery.

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A decorative shoal of fish swim by on the dining room wall.

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Wood accents warm a white bathroom.

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A walkway between the sofa sections gives exit to a garden.

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Wooden artwork towers up through the centre of the house. A small courtyard keeps a low profile on the ground floor.

  • 21 |
A contemplation bench sits by the side of the courtyard. The leg supports of the bench slot into a cement frame that contains a bed of pebbles.

  • 23 |
  • Visualizer: Lukasz Brzozowski
Our last tour is a visualisation that explores two colourways for the same interior space – one very dark, and one ethereally light.

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Shelf lighting provides dramatic effect in the black living room option, shining from recessed nooks that appear as crude cutaways in a traditional decoratively panelled wall. Deep blue sofas appear moody in the dark setting. A dominant terrarium room forms a bold core in the open plan space.

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In an alternative visualisation, the blue velvety sofas take on a whole new character when the room is transformed into a predominantly white space.

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In this white living room option, the recessed shelving cubbies are left as dark cutaway features inside a white boiserie wall. The kitchen cabinets at the back of the room remain black to contrast with the light surroundings.

  • 27 |
Natural light pours down into the cuboid terrarium. Between the living room and the bedroom, a dividing wall of glass doors have black framework that mimics the terrarium outline.

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A gnarled tree trunk twists toward the skylight, pushing up from a rocky bed. Smaller plants sprout at its roots.

  • 29 |
Natural timber sets a herringbone pattern across the floor of the living room, whilst spongy mosses carpet the terrarium block.

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The old tree stands like an artifact in its glass case. Sofas in the lounge have been arranged to seat an audience at the spectacle.

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The massive display acts as a picturesque room divider, obscuring the kitchen diner from connecting directly with the lounge.

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In the kitchen diner, the indoor garden creates an al fresco effect at the dinner table.

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