2 Modern Interiors With Rich Blue Decor Ideas

2 Modern Interiors With Rich Blue Decor Ideas

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We’ve coupled together these two inspirational home tours that each feature a number of rich blue hued decor ideas. The blue accent pieces and decor elements are all set against predominantly white backdrops, peppered with black accessories, monochrome rugs, plus wood tone floors and furniture. The combination of white, black and woodtone creates a relaxing atmosphere where modern blue sofas, eye-catching blue accent chairs and cool blue bedroom schemes add uplifting moments of interest. Each of these two sophisticated blue interiors also incorporate interior sliding glass doors that separate an only bedroom from open plan lounge, kitchen and dining spaces. Modern lights incorporating glass orbs complete the look.

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  • Visualizer: Roman Kurilenko
In the first apartment, an open plan kitchen has pure white wall and base cabinets that extend in an L-shape into a white lounge area. The all white decor scheme is interrupted by the flash of a blue headboard wall in the bedroom, visible through sliding glass doors.

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A rich blue sofa stands out against the white backdrop in the living room, which is accessorised with a grey cushion and throw. Dark coffee tables are situated on a monochrome patterned rug. Blue toned artwork adorns one wall, whereas green botanical art adds a different note over by a dining set.

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In the dining area, a concrete planter holds a living house plant. Three perspex dining chairs sit at a small white dining table. A duo of decorative vases adorn the round tabletop. The natural light from a large window is diffused by a simple white window blind.

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Two unique kitchen pendant lights dangle clear glass orbs over the central kitchen bench, where two bar stools are situated to create a more casual dining spot. The pendant lights also illuminate the kitchen sink. A strip of LED lighting under wall cabinets light the opposite workbench. The kitchen wall cabinets are double banked to make the most of the vertical space in the small apartment. Because the units are coloured white like the walls, the abundance of cupboards does not appear overbearing.

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Along with the kitchen cabinets and worktop, the kitchen backsplash is plain white to create one cohesive minimalist look.

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In the entry hallway there is a run of white cupboard doors that conceal a large bank of storage space. These units can be used for a menagerie of household items to keep the compact living space free from clutter. At the end of the walkway, a neat table under artwork creates a pleasant visual stop.

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An LED strip illuminates the blue headboard wall in the bedroom from beneath. A blue accent chair sits by a slim bookcase.

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  • Visualizer: Ruslan Kovalchuk
A dark blue sofa takes centre stage in this second interior design, placed upon a black and white area rug with a diamond pattern. Unique coffee tables with a metallic finish can reflect a patterned rug to great effect, like this shiny Cordoba coffee table. Metallic scatter cushions adorn the sofa to tie in with the theme.

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Whilst the deep blue sofa stands on a wood herringbone floor, the wood tone kitchen and dining area have a white floor.

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Monochrome artwork tucked behind one end of the sectional sofa depicts birds in flight. A white panelled wall runs behind.

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A shelf runs the length of the wall beneath the window of the living room. The narrow wooden shelf acts as a desk. The wooden desk chair matches the two seats at the dining table.

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Opposite the sofa, a flat screen TV is mounted on a wall where small bookshelves are recessed above and below it at one side.

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Unique glassware decorates the dining room table.

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The hob and kitchen sink are situated on the opposite side to the dining area, separated by the gap of the main walkway. On this side of the kitchen, a set of wooden drawer units are teamed with white wall cabinets.

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White and wood kitchens look great with bold accessories, this one has a black kitchen faucet with matching black electrical sockets and stove top.

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Black framed glass doors give access to an all white bedroom.

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The glass doors slide away on each side, creating a grand look. A modern bedroom pendant light acts as a focal point dead centre.

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A blue upholstered bedroom accent chair with gold legs stands in front of a closet that has clear glass doors. The on-show closet is kept super organised with the help of a comprehensive range of garment hanging rails, shelves and drawers.

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The bathroom has a dramatic grey decor scheme with tiled walls that are accentuated by clever lighting. LED strips are set behind a duo of circular mirrors, making them glow outwardly like two solar eclipses. A metallic pedestal basin cuts through a deep vanity shelf.

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A wall hung toilet is mounted against textured grey panelling; the flush plate is grey to blend in with the background rather than to contrast. An anthracite heated towel rail fills the adjacent wall. At one end of the vanity unit, a tall recessed shelving unit holds a selection of boutique toiletries and decorative containers.

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