How To Make A Cat Happy: Cat Friendly Home Design

How To Make A Cat Happy: Cat Friendly Home Design

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If you loved our other cat owners apartment then you’re going to lap this up like a fresh saucer of milk. This cat friendly apartment, thoughtfully designed by Talispace, has obvious consideration for a feline companion in just about every aspect. In this photography by Hey!Cheese, we can see an open space glowing with warm afternoon sunlight, where furniture and shelving are mapped out like an agile furry friend’s playground. This peaceful little world reveals many secrets known only to the whiskered one and her owners - including a secret litter tray, a cat ladder in disguise, and a high up sleeping platform overlooking the master bedroom itself.

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To quote TV’s cat expert Jackson Galaxy, cats are either ‘tree dwellers’ or ‘bush dwellers’, and tree dwellers like the one in this home need plenty of vertical space. This isn’t always easy to achieve in a way that is aesthetically pleasing, so it can be difficult to strike a balance of happiness for both feline and human inhabitants of the home. This house design strikes such a balance perfectly thanks to subtly placed shelves that provide paws with opportune climbing platforms, like the two small ones mounted between the large windows – did you spot them?

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Over on the wood clad TV wall we can find a trendy arrangement of staggered shelving but it’s not all about the visual. This staggered arrangement allows a cat to comfortably leap and climb from the base console all the way up to the top of a run of storage cupboards, then onto another platform that is spanning a soffit. Alternatively, Tiddles can stop and nestle for a while (as we know cats love to do) in a cosy cabinet cut out.

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Shelf accessories are kept to a minimum so as not to hinder kitty’s ascent (and to minimise unfortunate breakages!) The dual material finish and thickness of shelf confuses the human eye so that the layout doesn’t read like an obvious or cumbersome cat ladder.

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The open end of a low level console reveals a small round entryway into a neighboring cabinet. This presents an opportune placement for a concealed litter tray. A covered litter tray provides a cat with a feeling of security, plus has the bonus of screening litter from the general population.

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All wires are hidden away from reach, teeth and temptation.

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The wooden shelves are warm and wide enough to lounge on for a cat nap.

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On view items in the console are kept clean, fur free and untampered with behind clear glass doors.

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A floor fan is on hand to cool down a hot furry friend from the afternoon sun.

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The soft round area rug is a particularly cosy spot to curl up…

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… Or flick-up with claws – which is a why a loop free pile is most suitable for a cat populated household.

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The footstool of the modern sofa forms the first step in the ascent to a ceiling track…

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… The next part of the journey is over a side unit and up the two shelves that climb the space between the two windows…

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… A quick pit stop on the ledge over the window and a nimble return up onto a platform that runs the entire length of the open plan room. A tree dweller’s paradise.

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Lots of interesting nooks and crannies await a cat’s curiosity in the storage unit that backs a home office area.

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The wooden desks in the home office are pushed together to allow a little journey along the top here too.

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It can be nice to have a little friendly distraction from the daily grind.

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The colours in this home are all very natural, creating smooth soothing surroundings. It’s a common misconception that cat’s see only in shades of grey, they are in fact thought to be trichromats (meaning they can see red, green, and blue) though not in the same way as humans.

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Of course it doesn’t matter how many cat ladders, sleeping shelves, platforms and hiding places you give a cat, they will still go where they are not supposed to be; ie. the kitchen bench. Keep that antibac spray to hand people! The litter tray is literally opposite.

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The home storage unit extends all the way to the ceiling, and no doubt kitty will find a way of climbing each and every part of it too.

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Glass panels protect the more delicate collections and possessions from being batted off the shelves by mischievous paws.

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Only easily replaceable items are placed on open shelving.

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Above the closets in the master bedroom we find a platform for play by day and sleep by night – or the other way around if we know our nocturnal friends well enough!

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The floor to ceiling windows provide plenty of sunlit spots for indoor sunbathing/grooming/purring.

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But let’s face it. You can give your cat the whole world and they will still be at their happiest crouched in a random little box!

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