2 Gorgeous Single Story Homes With 80 Square Meter Floor Space (Includes Layout/Floor Plans)

2 Gorgeous Single Story Homes With 80 Square Meter Floor Space (Includes Layout/Floor Plans)

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Even though these two single story homes only have 80 square meters of floor space, they feel much more spacious. The designers have utilized all varied design methods to create different spaces within the home to make it more useful. Bookshelves in both homes are used to divide up rooms and walls are used to store everything from guitars to shoes! The first home, even though its tiny, even makes room for a nursery behind a bookshelf that separates it from a home office. Just when you thought 80 square meters was too small to come home to, you glanced at these!

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The designer for this small home used different wall textures and colors to define different spaces. The back wall of the living room has a fun faux wood wallpaper, which distinguishes it from the kitchen.

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Floating the blue couch opens up this 80 square meter home. Horizontal wood floorboards draw your eye towards the two windows in the back of the room. The use of yellow accents in the lights and stools bring the open floor plan together.

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Floating shelves in this bedroom allows for more floor space. Instead of using a traditional bookshelf, the books work with the wall to look like art. The watercolor art above the bed draws the eye toward the ceiling as well. A high-pile rug anchors the bed and makes this room feel cozy.

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From the other angle in this bedroom, you can see that there is a bird wallpaper along the left wall. This makes a statement but isn’t too overly ornate. The floating shelves that were on the side of the bed are then mimicked along the wall facing the bed. Each has different art and accent pieces. The curtains match the bedding perfectly.

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When floor space is limited, you get creative with what you have. This room serves many different purposes. At first glance, you’ll notice the light green accent wall to the right. There are desks on either side of the room and seating area for a home office. A large see-through bookshelf divides the office space with the seating area in the back.

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On the other side of the bookshelf you’ll notice a surprise -a nursery! There is a white crib and a fun plush mobile above it. A large white organic light fixtures hangs in this space and helps define it as separate from the office. This small corner is perfect for new parents who want a space to cuddle their baby and have it close while working.

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Along with being an office and a nursery, this space can also serve as a hobby corner. The fun window seat is a great place to sit while cuddling a newborn or playing guitar. The electric guitar is hung up on the wall as art, and can also be taken down to be used.

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A narrow hallway is a strange space, but is used thoughtfully. There are large windows lining it, art on the wall, and a space to organize bills and paperwork. To keep the style simple, the designer choose a world map in a wooden style to coordinate with the flooring and the blinds.

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Bright blue tile is calming behind the soaking tub and there is a faint color on the floor tiles that compliment it. Wooden design is simple and sleek along with the other accents in this small, but organized bathroom.

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Sometimes it can be difficult to picture a floor plan on a home just by looking at images. This floor plan helps you envision the entire space. You can see where the office is that works into a nursery and hobby space. You can also see that the living room is open to the kitchen. Even though there are only 80 square meters, they’re used to their limit!

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This open space uses darker colors than the first, but has incorporated hints of yellow to brighten it up. This gray couch is a great example. Although the couch is neutral, one cushion is mustard yellow.

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The couch is versatile and faces both the TV and away from it. This simple design trick makes the most out of the space without breaking up the room. You can have guests face the TV or the kitchen area while visiting.

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A wall of windows welcomes light into the dining space, which is located on an upper platform. This platform designates this space as a dining zone. The rest of the kitchen is more sunken-in. Lighting at different heights invite people to read, lounge, or sit upright and eat a meal.

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Instead of building a lot of walls, which would make the space seem small, the designer choose to use bookshelves to divide the rooms. The entryway opens up to living room. The see through industrial bookshelf spans the space from the ceiling to the floor.

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Making the most of wall storage is smart when you have limited storage in a small home. This entryway is characterized by a hanging coat rack and small bench seats for getting your shoes on. There is also a mirror, which makes the space seem larger.

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A home office is set up in the bedroom. This works well if there is no other space in the home and the desk works with the design. The dark gray of the closet and then the same colors on the desk bring it all together. It seems as if it was meant to be there. It fits and makes use of the floor space between the bed and the walk-in closet.

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From the desk, you can see there is wood on one side of the bedroom and a white wall on the other. This adds visual interest and makes the room seem wider. In the end of the room is a bright window that lets natural light in. This is a peaceful place to work without taking up too much space in the home.

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Tying in with the rest of the wood used in this home, the side table is a wooden stump. This unique design contrasts well with the home-made art lamp upon it. The black headboard also contrasts with the wood used on the back wall. This room has an overall masculine feel.

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When both lamps are on, the room feels warmer and more homey. Art is leaned against the wall and makes the space seem less formal. The lamps are made of unique items and could even be handmade. Instead of matching the nightstands, the designer has chosen to mix them.

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The bathroom is an extension of the bedroom. Wood walls are met with the contrast of a pure white sink and toilet. There are industrial elements and dramatic lighting. This space feels contemporary.

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Extra storage is always needed in a bathroom. Under the sink, you can see there are hidden towels and toilet rolls. Both of these items are within reach, but look stylish with the rest of the room.

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By looking at this floor plan, you can see that the bedroom is quite narrow. The design works to the size’s advantage. By placing the desk in this room, otherwise empty floor space is used. The interesting shape of the couch allows you to lounge in any space in the living room.

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