3 Gorgeous Apartment Interiors in Rich, Warm, Tones

3 Gorgeous Apartment Interiors in Rich, Warm, Tones

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The designers at Studio.O., a design firm located in Warsaw, Poland can take what just appears as a space and transform it into a unique and welcoming home. In the projects presented here, we have a chance to explore three different homes that each offer their own take on what it means to be comfortable. Although each plays with pretty neutral palettes and carefully chosen furnishings, they are easy to differentiate and stay true to the separate natures of each homeowner.

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The first Warsaw apartment is 180 square meters (1900 square feet) and was designed in 2012.

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The interior is decidedly modern and though it keeps true to the modern aesthetic of clean lines and low profiles, it also manages to include extensive seating in the way of a long grey sofa and Eames-inspired dining chairs.

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A long corridor connects the open living area, which includes the kitchen and dining area, with the bedrooms.The stripe design in the hallway emphasizes the area of travel and flow.

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Wit furry textured linens and a tufted headboard/accent wall, the bedroom is clearly cozy.

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In a contrast to the grey theme throughout the home, the kitchen is set in black and white.

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The second home is also in Warsaw, and comes in at 450 square meters (nearly 5000 square feet).

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The designer chose to focus on concrete and wood materials, which allow for a more natural and warm atomosphere.

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Creative dining chairs and a surprisingly classical chandelier make the dining area striking.

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Plenty of sunlight and a cushy platform bed give this bedroom a dreamy quality for sure.

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Here we get a glimpse of the floor, which is actually made from a sealed resin, giving it a unique and easy to clean look.

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These cool kitchen chairs are as much an artistic element as they are furniture.

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The spacious bath is sleek with a huge bath and subtle gold accents.

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The final example from this team was designed in 2010 and measures 125 square meters (1300 square feet).

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Originally, this apartment was two full levels, but the renovation created one large space with high ceilings.

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The corner fireplace, just visible here, is what separates this main living area from the bedroom.

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The mezzanine balcony in the bedroom is particularly striking.

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A wood countertop is an unexpected but lovely addition to the spacious bathroom design.

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