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Crisp Home Design

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Focusing on one chic apartment design, from NG Studio Interior Design, lets look at how this beautiful home explores a sophisticated yet crisp palette, with sharp yet elegant fixtures and fittings that would suit a male or female inhabitant equally.

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Shades of beige and brown are layered for a sumptuous look, and are freshened and sharpened by crisp white elements.

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Sleek built-in storage units keep the home clutter free and clean. The handle-free doors blend in with the wall that has been cleverly clad in the same softly grained material. A low white bench provides a subtle seating area for putting on shoes in the generous square hallway, and a solitary piece of uncomplicated artwork provides a simple focal point.

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Matching table lamps provide a quiet symmetry in the living room, where a large area rug brightens the dark stained wood floor.

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The compact kitchen has an edge-to-edge run of smooth fronted units, in a soft taupe shade that welcomes a little warmth without further closing in modest dimensions. The wall cabinets reach all the way up to the ceiling to maximise storage space, despite the horizontal limits. A neat sliding panel behind the kitchen sink conceals more storage cubbies, where every day items that are needed close at hand can be hidden away in an instant.

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Two pendant light shades over the dining table echo the twin table lamps in the lounge.

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In a lush green garden, outdoor lounge furniture provides a chic place to relax under the sun, or take a breath of fresh air under the shade of an elegant parasol.

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A large bedroom provides an opportunity to incorporate another handy lounge/reading area.

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Combined twin basins over an elongated elegant vanity unit creates a luxury bathroom look, and a bespoke shower enclosure completes the plush fitted look.

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