Small 29 square meter (312 sq ft) Apartment Design

Small 29 square meter (312 sq ft) Apartment Design

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This bright and breezy little number is an open plan apartment designed by Anton Grishin, and whilst this dwellings dimensions may be a bit on the small side-like many modern city homes are-the fresh palette used in furnishing the home makes the space feel much more than adequate. Along with the cheerful color story, and array of sensible storage options utilizes every nook to conceal and prevent clutter build up within the modest plan.

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Aqua and yellow hues create a cheerful summertime feel in the lounge area, where a piece of modern wall art matches the soft furnishings.

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The home owners book collection gives the opposite wall its splash of color, housed on a simple metal bookstand.

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A chunky dining table runs directly off the kitchen units, thus saving space. The kitchen units are in a warm yet soft wood tone, and the kitchen bench is kept white to match the eating area.

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Power cables for the flatscreen TV are concealed behind a false wall.

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A long series of cupboards go almost undetected across the full length of the apartment, from kitchen-diner to the end of the lounge. The units are disguised in the same white as the walls, and are situated high up against the ceiling out of eye-line.

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The underside of the cabinets become a feature with the addition of recessed lighting.

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A wardrobe hides behind floor-to-ceiling sliding doors at the end of the hallway, allowing a whole host of items to be concealed from plain view.

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A slatted ceiling treatment gives a soft, diffused lighting effect.

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In the shower room, a vanity bench holds an integrated basin for a seamless look. Whilst having a morning shower you can enjoy a spot of breakfast television or catch the morning news on the waterproof TV set into the tiles.

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