Colorful and Funky Interiors [Visualized]

Colorful and Funky Interiors [Visualized]

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In an era where modern designs are often praised for lack of clutter and clean precise lines, many artists are afraid to include the real elements of living, like family photos, souvenirs and other everyday comforts. However, Romi Volentino has taken his considerable 3D visualization skill and added vibrant colorful elements wherever he can. These interiors still have a modern aesthetic, but with a funky bohemian vibe that make them stand out from much of the design crowd.

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What some may call clutter in this long, modern living room is actually the stuff that a real home is made of. Necessary but stylish items line every wall from a flatscreen television to a surfboard to chock-full bookcases. The youth of the space comes through loud and clear.

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The Mondrian-inspired pattern on the case beneath the television has a DIY feel while also adding very practical storage options to the room.

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Any modern apartment needs a useable workspace. This area, tucked away beside the sofa, gives a new meaning to the term “corner office” while offering plenty of space for a creative to work away the hours.

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The funky media elements that Romi includes here speak to the theoretical occupant of this apartment. An old-fashioned movie projector, radio, record player – bringing vintage elements into a new and youthful space.

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The kitchen is small but with its own vibrant elements. The eye is particularly drawn to the electric green backsplash, which stands out against an otherwise white room.

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This cozy chair, with a built-in bookshelf is a unique, practical, and stylish addition to the apartment’s single bedroom.

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The bedroom itself is spacious and welcoming with a plush platform bed and unique seating area. A shaggy rug completes the cozy feeling, the perfect soft texture for cold feet on a winter morning.

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