10 Gifts for Architects And Designers

10 Gifts for Architects And Designers

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Update: Check out our updated ultimate gift guide: Gifts For ArchitectsIf you have been hoping for an apocalypse to save you the trouble of picking up gifts this time, you have no excuses now. But do not worry! We have put together a short list to help you out with your last minute gift grab.

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Hour Glass: Neat looking hour glass accessory that would liven up any architect’s desk.

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Architect Cubes: Made of maple wood, bakelite, cork, granite, EVA, silicone, acrylic, and aluminum. Designed to encourage the creative exploration of forms and materials.

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Lenovo A720 Desktop: With touchscreen desktops all set to go mainstream in 2013, this particular model from Lenovo looks a great choice for architects with its ability to fold down completely flat.

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