A Luxury Vacation - Cruise Style

A Luxury Vacation - Cruise Style

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If you have a week to spare, $100,000 to burn, and a whim to tour the Caribbean sea, this is how you do it. Virgin’s ‘Necker Belle’ is a 105ft catamaran that comes equipped with diving equipment and amenities that will keep its guests entertained for days. With room enough to accommodate 12 people, the highlight of this package is, without doubt, the 3 person aero submarine that takes scuba diving to a whole new level of ease! This seems like a good time to bring up the interiors (since that is why we’re in business!) which look warm and bright and capable of entertaining guests from any which floor they stand. From these cozy bunks you have views of the sea, access to huge flat screens and well stocked bars, and at every level a lounge. This vacation sailor is definitely one to remember for the lucky devils that get this private tour of the Caribbean Sea…

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