A Shadow Box of a Green Home

A Shadow Box of a Green Home

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Don’t we all just love serene homes within forests? This very small green home was designed by Mutsue Hayakusa who specializes in green architecture by creating beautiful “cell spaces” and making very small homes comfortably functional and efficient. This project was quite interesting for its desolate location and design concept with it’s architectural play on geometric shapes and forms throughout the house.

What makes this tiny woodsy abode green is that it was built amongst the forest hills without removing one tree, and using the bare essential sustainable materials. The transparency of the exterior implied by these huge picture windows, allows you to look straight through the house as if it almost wasn’t there and thus, at least in theory- leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Also, by bringing in sufficient natural light with all that glass, these homeowners save tons on the electric bill. And with a modern flare, the interior furnishings are minimal and reflect the simplicity of and focus on the forest. Let’s just hope the birds don’t think they can fly through this space without any obstacles…

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