An Interior Decorators Home

An Interior Decorators Home

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How do you reckon an interior designer’s home looks like? Nothing less than super stylish or uber cool. This one particularly is at its innovative best. Bravo to the way the designer has tossed convention aside and designed the entire place for very personal taste. According to the designer, her house is small and manages to fit in her husband, two kids and four pets. Her space management is an attention grabber and might as well serve as solution for people with space similar as hers.

She has smartly planned her kitchen, the kid’s room, garage and her office space. The white stained floors with a shiny gloss finish make them easy to clean and wipe. Being white, they do get dirty quickly but the light they provide is worth all the cleaning up. When it comes to colours she has left not a single one untouched. Her magenta painted doors are an eye-candy. Her accessorised study will surely inspire and be an object of envy for many. The burst of colours juxtaposed with the striking white spaces is so refreshing you would want to run out to the hardware and fabric store right away and get working with your own space.

The house is eclectic makes you drool with inspiration and zap it right to where you are!

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