Another beautiful house in London

Another beautiful house in London

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For a modern Londoner a dream home is synonymous with wider spaces and spectacular chic furnishings. Elegant and suave, the luxury home featured here has a predominant white backdrop enabling the designer to experiment and accessorise. White colour used in houses also emanates utmost cleanliness and neatness.

White living rooms are simple yet classy and at the same time allow the home to exude a mix of moods. This property by Light Locations, a UK based location agency, has a simple palette of white which is a perfect milieu for the modern finishes and features. An arty use of bright objet d’art, with ambient light fittings, upholstery and curtains is a creative high spot. The unexpected bright pink couch and black chesterfield makes the room pleasing and inviting. The white background has allowed the designer to play with contrasting artefacts in the wall unit, multicolour door wall panelling and exquisitely bright flower vase in corners. Vivid coloured furniture in bedroom, bath and kitchen give a touch of exclusiveness. The vast wood-framed windows recessed and elevated ceilings, the lagoon blue staircase that makes its way with poise from the main floor to the upper level, give a spa-inspired space of supreme luxury.

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