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Home Office and Studio Designs

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Most of us have a personal space at home where we do work. Be it knitting or managing a company online, the way we organise this space often determines our efficiency at work. Here are some tips you could consider before designing your workspace.

1. It is important, to analyse your typical workday. How often will you work at home? What will your typical activity be? What time of the day will you be working? Is the space sufficient?

2. Think about external factors. Noise, Light, Temperature, Privacy, Ambience… Are they optimal?

3. Take note of ergonomics. Make sure you are sitting at the right distance from the computer. Use correct posture. It might be handy to get a good ergonomic chair.

4. Remember to create a barrier between work and family. One of the disadvantages people working from home often quote is that it is difficult to separate work from leisure. Sometimes, the temptation to take breaks can be overwhelming, or the reverse, you become so engrossed in work and spend more hours on it than you should. Remember to strike a balance.

Pictures of Inspirational Workspaces

Furniture maker Potterybarn has an excellent set of workspace furniture. Do check them out. Here are some from their collection.

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